Do you offer commissioned art pieces?

I'm currently taking a step back from commissions to focus on other projects. Please feel free to subscribe to my mailing list to receive all updates including when I will be available for commissions again.


Where can I purchase your art?

A selection of art prints are available on Contoured Art, where you can purchase my prints as canvas posters, hanging canvas, framed canvas and puzzles. I'm excited to share that I will soon have selected artworks available as NFT digital collectables as well through Foundation.


Where can I license your artwork for my album, podcast or book cover?

Artwork is available for exclusive licensing through Kolect for your upcoming creative project! As soon as you find an art piece through my gallery to purchase, you will receive a high resolution digital file to download and are free to use it however you'd like.


Can I use your artwork to promote my social media business page? 

If you're interested in reposting my artwork from my Instagram page to your business page for marketing/promotional purposes, I ask that you please purchase a Repost Token through my Beacons account to support my work.  


What inspires your art?

My spiritual journey as well as my dreams are where most of my inspiration comes from. 


Do you have an oracle deck?

I'm excited to finally share that I'm in the beginning stages of creating my very first oracle deck! My target date is to have it available for the summer 2022. I will be sharing updates through my social media accounts and newsletters, so stay tuned!


Are you open for collaborations? 

Presently, I am not focusing on collaborations and instead working on independent projects.


What software do you use to create your art?

I use Adobe Photoshop for all of my art creations.


Did you go to school for art?

I did not go to school for art actually! I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology along with a teaching credential in ESL. I did take art classes throughout high school and studied art history with elective units in college, however, I am a self-taught digital artist.


Do you have tutorials on how to make your style of digital collage art?

I'm so flattered that I get asked this question as often as I do! I currently do not have any tutorials on how to create my style of digital collage art, however, due to the high volume of this specific request, I may consider this at some point in time.